Dancing Christmas Tree

Next on my Past Posts to Write About list: Damien’s preschool Christmas program! (I’m hoping to finish all of the December posts by the end of January. Nothing really happens in January so that shouldn’t be a problem, as long as I make sure to slack off in school.)

I was super excited when I found out that Damien’s preschool puts on a Christmas program each year. I’m sure it’s a pain in the butt for the teachers but I love this stuff; it’s just too cute. Each classroom had a theme and performed 2-3 songs (even the babies!) Damien’s class was supposed to wear dressy Christmas-colored clothes, so I paired his pants from Kaeli’s wedding with a long sleeve red shirt and vest set he got for Christmas last year (which was slightly too small, it turned out, but it worked for the night.) He looked very handsome!

_mg_8582 bob wilson 2014ian

Strike a pose!

I don’t want to post pictures of other people’s kids without permission so I cropped Damien in most of the pictures. Also, there was a professional photographer there who took most of these pictures (and shared them for free!) I only brought my phone, which normally isn’t a problem but this time I really would have benefited from bringing my real camera. The room was dark-ish and we were far away from the front (next year we’ll get there earlier) so my poor cell phone was ineffective at best.

Anyway. The program was held in the chapel of one of girls’ dorms at the college, within walking distance of the preschool. The kids had practiced there a few times, but Damien never got to practice because he was sick that week. As a result he was semi-distracted by the decorated stage but managed to pull it together by the second song (and his entire class is two years old so really, expectations weren’t high all around. As his teacher put it, she just hoped everyone got on the stage and stayed there.) My mom happened to be at the college that day so she was able to come to the program. She waited in the lobby with Damien and his class while Dan, Rowen, and I found a seat. The baby class (ages 0-2) came first, dressed as snowmen (and women) and carried by their teachers. They rang/shook bells and wiggled around to songs, and it was adorable. Next came Damien’s class, the twos room:

The kids walked in holding onto a rope. Damien didn't want to let go of Mimi, so she walked in with them too. Also, there Dan, Rowen and I are on the right...

The kids walked in holding onto a rope. Damien didn’t want to let go of Mimi, so she walked in with them too. Also, there Dan, Rowen and I are on the right…

They sang two songs and did a rhyme/fingerplay with their teacher. They shook bells along with the first song and Damien loudly announced to the room, “I’m not doing it!” (although he did do it eventually, but thanks for that kid.)

Yep, not doing it.

Yep, not doing it. Also, I should have put dark socks on him I guess, but we ran out of time and I had no idea his slightly-too-long pants wouldn’t cover his ankles the whole time. Oh well!

Next was Damien’s favorite part, the Dancing Christmas Tree song. (Here’s what it sounds like.) The kids made their own Christmas tree hats and did the dance. It was too cute!

_mg_8122 bob wilson 2014ian (2) _mg_8117 bob wilson 2014ian (2) _mg_8121 bob wilson 2014ian (2)After that was the rhyme/fingerplay, but Damien suddenly got distracted by the stage decorations and started wandering. When all the other kids started sitting down, there he was front and center, posing. It was actually pretty funny, and as soon as he noticed everyone was sitting down he ran back to us. :)

No, you're supposed to sit on it Damien.

No, you’re supposed to sit on it Damien.

_mg_8130 bob wilson 2014ianTo keep the kids entertained while the three- and four-year-olds did their songs, Damien’s teacher passed out goodie bags with snacks (genius!) and Damien and I took selfies.

Damien nomming snacks; me nomming Damien

Damien nomming snacks; me nomming Damien



After each class performed, the four-year-olds took part in a nativity scene that was most definitely the cutest nativity I’ve ever seen (it involved a little girl dressed as a star, literally leading the shepherds to the stable.) Then at the very end Santa and two reindeer visited us and brought candy canes to all the kids. Damien took this opportunity to thoroughly explore the stage.

_mg_8580 bob wilson 2014ianBefore we went home Dan and I wrestled the boys into position for a family photo. You can tell by all expressions in this picture who was happy about it and who was not! (I love it, especially Rowen’s expressions.)

_mg_8653 bob wilson 2014ian _mg_8655 bob wilson 2014ianAlthough it was all pretty darn cute, I have to say that the best part about the Christmas program was the weeks afterward – getting Damien to sing and do the dance for Dancing Christmas tree for every conceivable family member/whenever we got bored. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


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