Rowen: Five Months

(How am I habitually publishing every single one of these nearly a month late? Oh well; at least I take the photos on time.)
IMG_20141229_093049070Weight & Length: 19 lbs 11 oz, 28″

Sizes: 6-9 months

Sleeping: This past month was super eventful and it’s definitely taken a toll on our routines, sleep being one of them. Rowen has wanted to be held for all naps and even all night, which although I love holding him isn’t always ideal or even possible. I want to start trying to get him to nap in his crib because his naps will be more peaceful/uninterrupted and I can get stuff done (he’ll still sleep in our room at night in the cosleeper until he’s too big for it, because I’m both lazy and paranoid.)

Eating: Still a little nursing pro, as his rolls will attest to. :) He’s definitely interested in Big Person Food and in a month will be sampling some! (I seriously can’t believe he’s already getting ready for solid foods; where does the time go??)

IMG_20141229_092636851 IMG_20141229_092744297Milestones/Memories:

By far the best thing in the past month was watching Rowen and Damien’s friendship develop. Up until this point they’ve been interested in each other (though more interest from Damien’s end obviously) but this past month they’ve started to really love each other. Rowen will see Damien and his eyes will light up. He watches him with awe and interest that up until this point has been reserved for me (but I’m happy to share!) Damien loves making Rowen smile and laugh and has started telling him he loves him (which is a recent Damien thing – telling people he loves them completely unprompted. Yeah, that’s another awesome thing. He’s also told me that I’m “pretty” and “perfect” and I’m pretty sure God makes three-year-old boys amazingly adorable and sweet to make up for the times when they are soooo incredibly frustrating. But this isn’t a Damien update, so moving on.)

IMG_20141229_093020854Rowen is still such a happy baby – except when he’s not, haha. He’s definitely got some strong emotions (wonder where he got that from?) but his dominant emotion is pleased with the world. His smile and laugh light up the room and get compliments from strangers wherever we go. Also high on the compliment list are his cheeks. They are sooo big and squishy and nommable!

Rowen can roll over from back to front and front to back. He loves playing with his toes when he can find them, and is close to sitting up by himself (once you sit him I mean; he’s nowhere close to getting into that position solo.) He loves to kick his legs wildly and joyfully when his diaper is off, and likes to watch Ripley if she’s anywhere near him (and grab her if she’s near enough for that.) Rowen continues to be a joy, and I absolutely love being his mama.

Now, here are some funny outtakes from his five month photo session:

I don't know WHAT is happening here, but Rowen seems delighted

I don’t know WHAT is happening here, but Rowen seems delighted




Throwing up gang signs?

Throwing up gang signs?

Tired of photography

Tired of photography. That’s okay Rowen, we’re done (until next month!)


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