O Christmas Tree

Yes, it’s the end of January and I’m writing a post about when we went to get our Christmas tree. But it was really fun and also the first real tree we’ve had as a family, so I’m gonna go with it.

We’ve used a cheap artificial tree since we got married, but our storage space leaked and the tree was looking nasty so we threw it away. I love the look and smell of real trees and really wanted to get one this year, but I had no idea where to go. When I was little we went to tree farms and cut our own, and when I got older we got a permit and drove into the forest, but I didn’t think the latter option would work for us where we live so I looked for a farm, and I found one: Pochini Family Farm. It wasn’t too far from our house and it was really, really cute. The one downside was that it was pricy (we would have saved $10-20 buying from a tree lot) but we made memories so this year at least, it was worth it.

IMG_20141206_150304569IMG_20141206_150316070My parents were in town that weekend (there was a sports event at the college and my mom brought her high schoolers) so they came with us. Damien had a great time and Rowen did too, although he would have had a great time pretty much anywhere, as long as we let him out of his car seat.

IMG_20141206_151314456 IMG_20141206_151335165We had to get a tree under six feet to save $20, but it was surprisingly hard to find one. I guess most Christmas trees are just over six feet. We finally did find one that fit both Dan’s and my standards (in between super fluffy and super sparse, with no obvious holes in the sides) and Dan cut it down. This particular tree had such a slim trunk the tree literally fell over before my camera registered I was trying to take a picture of Dan cutting it.

IMG_20141206_151954069 IMG_20141206_152035766

It was absolutely GORGEOUS at the tree farm. It was up on the other side of the valley from us, so we got some views we don’t normally see.IMG_20141206_152707288_HDRDamien had a great time running all over the place. The tree farm was on a steep hill with switchback paths between the tree patches, so he got lots of energy out and thankfully never wiped out spectacularly as I kept thinking he would.

I’m not sure what this bell was for… maybe you were supposed to ring it after you found a tree? (That’s what we did anyway.)

IMG_20141206_152710669After paying and sampling the free coffee and cider, we attempted a family picture. As usual, this was pretty difficult but we did get something. Unfortunately a small child was photobombing but hey, beggars can’t be choosers. (Dan actually Photoshopped her out for a print we hung on the wall, but she still made our Christmas card since the ‘shopping happened after I ordered the cards. Oh well!)IMG_20141206_153905600 Maybe we should have used this photo instead? :) (I love these so much. No one else was into it that day but that almost makes it better.)

IMG_20141206_150416100I didn’t really get any great pictures of the tree decorated, but here are a few shots from my IG:

treeMaybe next year we’ll have funds/room for a bigger tree, but this year this tree was perfect for us!


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