Dan’s Family Thanksgivings

(This happened two months ago. I’m publishing it anyway because that’s how behind I am. In two months you’ll probably be reading about the things we’re doing right now.)

I already wrote about our Thanksgiving with my family, but we also celebrated Thanksgiving two other times, with Dan’s family. Our first Thanksgiving was with Dan’s dad, stepmom, and sibs, the week before Thanksgiving. I always look forward to this celebration because the food is, without fail, amazing. :)

(For whatever reason, 100% of the time we visit I either forget my camera or phone or it’s dead. This time was no exception, so I stole these photos from Karla, Dan’s stepmom.)

Kyle and Hannah were playing with Rowen. We tried to bribe Damien into the photo with candy but we were mostly unsuccessful.

Kyle and Hannah were playing with Rowen. We tried to bribe Damien into the photo with candy but we were mostly unsuccessful.


This was the only Thanksgiving I managed to remember this cute bib…


Babies are delicious!

Rowen with Grandpa (Bruce, Dan's dad)

Rowen with Grandpa (Bruce, Dan’s dad)

Damien trying to escape from a family picture... haha

Damien trying to escape from a family picture… haha


Family photo minus Kyle, who took this one


Auntie Hannah & Rowen

After Thanksgiving with my family we drove to Dan’s mom’s house. On Thanksgiving day we drove down and Rowen officially met his breaking point – up until that point he had been so good in the car, but this trip is when the screams began, and sadly they haven’t stopped since. This is the trip that broke his great-in-the-car record. (After about a month he thankfully went from terrible-in-the-car to okay/average, which I’ll take.)

Dan and I spent our time in Redding wisely, with our Trio of Awesome: Dutch Brothers, the Giant Goodwill of Awesome, and my Favorite Ever Kids’ Thrift Store. That thrift store had moved to a new, bigger, even awesomer location, and I was happy to get a chance to visit. We really didn’t need anything but I did bring home two winter hats for Rowen and a book and a big jigsaw puzzle for Damien (made of, I kid you not, recycled organic materials.)

We had our actual dinner on Saturday. Dan’s grandparents were there, along with his cousin/wife/son, and of course Dan’s mom and uncle who were hosting the shindig. Dan’s cousin Nathaniel is about seven years older than Damien but they surprised us all by playing really good together. That night we had to drive back home because school started again on Monday (cue weeping and gnashing of teeth.)


Damien watching Star Wars – we watched 4, 5, and 6 while we were there


It was dark in the living room, but we attempted a mom & boys pic anyway


This one actually happened naturally – Damien was sitting in Dan’s lap and wanted Rowen to then sit on his lap. It lasted all of five seconds and then Damien was done, lol.


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